Greetings, I’m Phoenix

It is my life’s purpose to exponentially raise the vibrational frequency of all those I come into contact with.

I help to awaken people of all ages, who want to discover their most true and Powerful self and to become their Life’s Purpose.

As a National Board Certified Hypnotherapist, I am able guide people into the subconscious mind, to uncover safely, the stories, the traumas, the pains and fears that keep us from our true potential and unconditional self love.

As a Reiki Master teacher, sound healer, Qigong and Shamanic practitioner,  I am able to channel the art of hands on healing, for mental, emotional and physical clarity.

As a past life regressionist,  I am able to unlock the deepest of unresolved memories that are recorded in our cellular memory, keeping us from living our present life to it’s fullest.

As an Alchemist, I am able to help you reconstruct your Human Light body and chakra systems to ground you more firmly into your physical body, so you can experience true beauty of your life in present form.

As a woman, mother and advocate of  Human rights, I am here not only to reawaken the Divine feminine but to also balance the Divine masculine, in each and everyone of us for the advancement of love, relationship and family.

As a trainer and health nutrition expert , I am able to guide you to the understanding of how to properly feed the body and step into the best possible version of you that you are becoming.

Looking for real change in you life? Want to build a better future?
Start now!