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Hi , My name is Phoenix Rising and it is my life’s purpose to exponentially raise the vibrational frequency of all those I come into contact with. I help to awaken people of all ages, who want to discover their most true and Powerful self and to become their Life’s Purpose.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can guide you into the subconscious mind, to uncover safely, the stories, the traumas, the pains and fears that keep you from your true potential and unconditional self love.

As a Reiki Master teacher, sound healer, Qi gong and Shamanic practitioner, I activate key centers in my clients, for mental, emotional and physical clarity.

Working together, I will help you give life to your projects and gracefully craft a beautiful life centered in joy, peace and happiness.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • While i was driving to my dentist to get a root canal all I could think of is I wish Phoenix had her healing hands on me within one minute the phone rang and there she was on the phone and she said what's going on on the bottom side of your left tooth and I said I'm in a lot of pain I'm on my way to get a root canal and so she told me to close my eyes once I got into the office and she did a long distance healing on me by the time I got into the dental chair I didn't even need novocaine numb my mouth I felt so relieved from the pain she's one-of-a-kind outstanding amazing

    Ana Reign Heatherly, Austin TX Mother and Entrepreneur
  • I was in complete panic attack mode and within two minutes of our phone call I was completely relaxed and am still amazed at how our phone call reset my system and I’ve been able to stay positive!

    Satine Phoenix, Los Angeles CA Artist, Author, Producer

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